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Fault Locating Equipment

Seba-KMT Surgflex 25

DC surge generator with a 1000joule capacitor bank rated up to 25KV. Used for audible location of conductor faults.

Bicotest AXXIS 12KV - 2 units

12KV DC supply used for the location and burning of sheath faults.

Baur DMB-5 Bridge - 2 units

High-Voltage bridge employing the Murray and Glaser methods for the pre-location of conductor and sheath faults.

Baur UL30 - 2 units

Sheath Fault reciever employing the 'pool of potential' method to locate sheath faults. Software driven with selectable filters and gain, the UL30 is also operated as a conductor fault detector using the supplied seismic microphone/magnetometer.

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