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HV Commissioning Equipment

Wuhan Fanke CHXB 400KV

AC series resonant testing equipment providing up to 400KV into a maximum capacitance of 5500nF.

Suitable for the commissioning of cables up to 400KV and switchgear up to 220KV, with no minimum capacitance limit.

Wuhan Fanke FKTF 80KV

AC series resonant testing equipment providing up to 80KV into a maximum capacitance of 500nF. This equipment was made to order for the commissioning of 66KV cables but can also be used for MV cables if the customer prefers the more thorough AC test instead of the ANSI-standard VLF test.

Wuhan Fanke CQSB 6/60

AC 50Hz testing equipment for MV switchgear. Provides up to 60KV RMS with an output power limit of 6KVA.

Wuhan Fanke VLF-60

0.1Hz VLF testing equipment for 11/33KV cables. Provides up to 60KV peak voltage into a capacitance of up to 2500nF.

FK GST Tan Delta

50Hz Tan-Delta testing equipment suitable for test objects with a maximum capacitance of 130nF. Generally used for the testing of post-type surge arresters and internal cables.

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